It’s Friday and tomorrow is August.

It’s Friday and tomorrow is August.

Fridays are not only great because IT’S THE WEEKEND, but because I get off at 5pm 😀

I cannot believe that tomorrow is August. I feel like every end of the month I’m in shock that another month has past already. I have now been here for 7 months! Absolutely crazy to think about.

What’s exciting about August is that my mom is coming to visit me :’) I miss her so much and cannot wait to get to see her again ❤ I’m really lucky that we live in a time where I’m just a Whatsapp or Skype call away from my family. It kind of made it easier to do this big move being away from home for University. I got used to staying in contact over my phone or computer, and then getting to see everyone in the holidays. As much as it sucks being away from them, whether you’re in another city studying or you’re on the other side of the world – the distance doesn’t make a difference as long as you’re still making the effort. So I guess being at Rhodes made it a liiiittle easier for me to be away from home.

The day has gone pretty quickly at work today. Not too crazy. Anyways, I wanted to keep it short and sweet. I hope everyone reading this has a beautiful weekend 🙂



15 Questions I have genuinely been asked about living in South Africa, with sarcastic responses.

15 Questions I have genuinely been asked about living in South Africa, with sarcastic responses.

1) How are you white?

– I’m albino.

2) There are Jews there?

– No we are all just one religion of impoverished African children.

3) Did you ride zebra?

– Yes how else would we get to each other’s shacks?

4) Did you have giraffe and elephants as pets?

– As well as warthogs, leopard and rock pythons.

5) Have you been attacked by a lion before?

– Yes and I lived to tell the tale.

6) Ah shame, did you not have a house?

– No. I lived in trees. Be jealous.

7) Did you have to get water and food sent to your country?

– Totally.

8) Do you know Charlize Theron?

– Yes we all know Charlize Theron personally.

9) Why do you speak ‘Brittish’?

– The English tutor for my tribe raised me.

10) What country in South Africa?

– No comment.

11) Did you wear animal skins and live in huts?

– Precisely.

12) When did you become ‘Americanized’?

– When I left the tribe in search of water I was rescued.

13) What’s your real name?

– Nthombiqiqiwethathe Mkhize of tribe flower.

14) Did you survive on bugs and wildlife?

– Yes, great source of protein.

15) How did you get to America?

– In a canoe.






Don’t get me wrong, we have our spectacular wildlife, and we do have traditional cultures. But people need to realize the whole of Africa isn’t what you see on the TV ads, with starving African children standing with celebrities asking to donate food and water. Yes, unfortunately a massive part of Africa, and South Africa deals with those hardships everyday. But people really need to educate themselves, and stop being so ignorant.

South Africa has a loooott of issues. But it really is such a magnificent place ❤


Today was ME day

Today was ME day

I have weekends off and what I’ve started to really like doing once I know my plans is to make one of my days off (Saturday or Sunday) a ME day. My ‘me’ day is just chill out, watch shows, go explore or whatever I feel like doing that day. I love making plans and having cool stuff to do but sometimes when my weekends are too busy and then it’s back to work on Monday morning, I feel like I didn’t even get to relax on my weekend and it’s already back to stress.

So I thought it would be cool to blog about my ‘me’ day, because my life isn’t always trips to New York City or exciting new things. Working 8-8 during the week has started to get me to appreciate having some alone time, and then make the most of the other day off to make plans and socialize like a normal person.

Last night I went for Shabbat dinner and then out to Watermark (a shmancy bar here in Asbury Park) with friends and had a really great time. Sometimes a girls night with a few glasses of sangria is all you need after the week 🙂

One of the best things about my weekends is not having to set an alarm. My morning consisted of Netflix in bed. I made delicious banana pancakes for brunch – which are literally just a banana, two eggs and heavenly. I’ve been loving making them recently. I’d known you could make pancakes with bananas but I’d never gotten around to actually trying them before a couple weeks ago and wow am I glad I did. So easy to make, healthy, and yummy!

All I did for the rest of my me day this weekend was workout, shower, watch more Netflix and take a bike ride to RiteAid (Dischem vibe for the South Africans thinking wtf is RiteAid). I left the house at least okay? 😛

On another note, tomorrow is a very exciting day 🙂 I’m heading to the city for the day to meet up with someone. This someone’s name is Alberto, and we met in Israel in grade 10 – about 6 years ago! We added each other on Facebook and stayed in contact after all these years. We kept in touch on and off, he lived in Spain and was studying in France, and now he going to be in NYC and New Jersey for a week.

So I am very excited to get to see him again after all these years and get to chat face to face. Life really is crazy, but how awesome 🙂

My train is at 10:38am so my plan for the rest of the night is popcorn, bed and Netflix; because I clearly haven’t watched enough Pretty Little Liars today already.

❤ x

Malcolm & Tom

Malcolm & Tom

I’ve been trying to think of how to write a thank you letter to my uncles recently, and I don’t even know where to start. I’m busy a lot and I don’t get the chance to say this all enough, but I think about it all the time. So here it goes:

Thank you Mal & Tom.

Thank you for allowing me to make your home my own.

Thank you for being my family.

Thank you for being so kind and sweet.

Thank you for not complaining when I get home at 2am or when I leave for work early in the mornings.

Thank you for having such fantastic and adorable dogs who give me so much love.

Thank you for giving me somewhere to come home to.

Thank you for giving me family to come home to.

Thank you for not making me pay for rent.

Thank you for not making me pay for a lot of other stuff.

Thank you for the meal surprises when I get home from a long day of work.

Thank you for being so special over the years of my life, and especially now.

I would not have been able to manage this all without you. I love and appreciate you both so much.

Thank you guys for being YOU ❤

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Six Life Misconceptions

Six Life Misconceptions

These are 6 things that I’ve personally dealt with/ am dealing with/ have come to the realization of 🙂 ❤ 

1) Life is meant to be fair. 

Who decides what is fair and what isn’t? Something horrible might happen and we think ‘Aahhh life is so unfair’, but who determines that? Two people living in very different circumstances would have different concepts of ‘fairness’. If life was fair for everyone, the world would be boring, predictable, and wouldn’t teach us anything. You will have good days, and bad days. The important thing is to remember that we learn from our experiences; both positive and negative.


2) It gets better.

Everyone has had someone who cares tell them that it will get better. But the truth is it doesn’t. Yes it may give some hope to someone going through a hard time, but the truth is it doesn’t get better; you have to make it better.  If you aren’t trying to make the most of something, or challenge yourself, and you have a negative mindset – nothing will change.


3) That “it will never be okay again”.

It will. Trust me. Some things obviously take longer to deal with, but it will be okay. Sometimes something happens and it feels like you’re going to feel like this forever. I know the feeling.  “In the end everything will be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end” 🙂


4) Assuming that people are doing things deliberately to hurt you.

Yes you do get horrible bitches, but in most cases people have their own lives. Without any communication about how something they do/ are doing is hurting you, they could have absolutely no idea about it. And you’ve wasted your time being upset/ angry about it. Talk about it. If they’re still hurting you intentionally then that’s a different story, and they don’t deserve to have you in their lives. This one is hard to explain, but what I am trying to get at is don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your happiness; by assuming.

For example, I might not message someone to make plans because I think they don’t want to hang out with me. So firstly I’ve missed out on possibly chilling with someone, I’m assuming they don’t like me, and have gained nothing. Who knows if the girl / guy assumed the same thing, and doesn’t message me either. Maybe she didn’t want to hang out with me in the first place, but you’ve got nothing to lose by finding out. Assumptions don’t get you anywhere.


^ This photo was being so difficult. It doesn’t want to follow the crowd and be in the center.

5) “This will make me happy.”

Happiness isn’t something that is given to us or something we can go get. It’s a struggle sometimes, and all the positive thinking in the world means nothing when you’re at your worst. I’ve been there. But it’s important to be aware during the bad times, that they are the bad times. Life is full of good and bad experiences. There is no point in pretending that it doesn’t suck sometimes; because it does. Society tells us if we do this or buy this or go here, you’ll be happy. Be happy for no reason, that way happiness can’t be taken away from you. Happiness shouldn’t be determined by anyone but yourself, and we have to learn how to value our self-worth regardless of comparisons to other people.


6) Being alone is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Being lonely and being alone are two very different things. I myself have issues with being alone that I can admit to. But that’s why this year has been very significant for me because it has forced me to deal with being alone. It doesn’t mean it’s been easy, or that I’ve even gotten comfortable with being alone yet, but as long as there is progress being made then I’m happy. If you can’t be happy alone, then you can’t be happy with anyone else. Being emotionally independent is so important. Happiness is a state of your mind and heart, so why do we let other people get in the way of it?


It starts with a ‘P’ and ends in ‘erspective’

It starts with a ‘P’ and ends in ‘erspective’

When my life is frantic crazy busy I come up with so many cool things to write about. Now I’m at work and it’s quiet but I can’t think of what I want to write about. So I thought I’d just wing it and hope my brain and hands do some magic.

As previously mentioned, one of my best friends has just moved to Costa Rica to teach English. I’ve tried to be there and encourage her as much as I can, because I know the feeling of life changing as you know it. These six months haven’t been easy. There have been more ups and downs than I can count. But my friend’s new experience got me thinking, I should start taking my own advice.

There are going to be hard times. There are also going to be awesome times. It is all about perspective. I can give friends and family advice about being positive and how it’s all part of the adventure, but this year is going so quickly that I’ve stopped thinking like that about my own experiences; and my ups and downs. We’re only human, and it’s okay to be sad sometimes. What is important is to realize is to appreciate what you have, and try see things with a positive perspective.

A couple weeks ago I was riding my bike home from work in the rain, and first thought to myself: “Ugh. WHYYYYYY?!”. But then I thought how it is all about perspective; and I realized that it was actually really beautiful. It’s not like I’m allergic to water. Why should I let a little rain ruin my day? I rode over the bridge to a magnificent sunset, and turned my annoyed ugly face into a smile. The saying shouldn’t be about ‘raining on your parade’; it should be about not letting the rain ruin your parade. Nothing and no one should get in the way of your own happiness.

This seems so ironic trying to preach all this about perspective and making your own happiness, when I have always felt like I need other people in my life to make me happy. This year has been so significant in the respect to finding my own happiness, and how to be independently happy. It’s a working progress for sure. But at least it’s progress. I guess sometimes you do need to be thrown into the deep end. Good news is I know how to swim 😉 And by swim I mean I’m trying to be smart and say I know I can get through it.

Life is an opportunity.  An opportunity to grow, to learn, to challenge, to develop, to live, to love. Be the author of your own novel; everyday is a new page. I will start trying to take my own advice 🙂

Perspective is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure ❤