Today was ME day

Today was ME day

I have weekends off and what I’ve started to really like doing once I know my plans is to make one of my days off (Saturday or Sunday) a ME day. My ‘me’ day is just chill out, watch shows, go explore or whatever I feel like doing that day. I love making plans and having cool stuff to do but sometimes when my weekends are too busy and then it’s back to work on Monday morning, I feel like I didn’t even get to relax on my weekend and it’s already back to stress.

So I thought it would be cool to blog about my ‘me’ day, because my life isn’t always trips to New York City or exciting new things. Working 8-8 during the week has started to get me to appreciate having some alone time, and then make the most of the other day off to make plans and socialize like a normal person.

Last night I went for Shabbat dinner and then out to Watermark (a shmancy bar here in Asbury Park) with friends and had a really great time. Sometimes a girls night with a few glasses of sangria is all you need after the week 🙂

One of the best things about my weekends is not having to set an alarm. My morning consisted of Netflix in bed. I made delicious banana pancakes for brunch – which are literally just a banana, two eggs and heavenly. I’ve been loving making them recently. I’d known you could make pancakes with bananas but I’d never gotten around to actually trying them before a couple weeks ago and wow am I glad I did. So easy to make, healthy, and yummy!

All I did for the rest of my me day this weekend was workout, shower, watch more Netflix and take a bike ride to RiteAid (Dischem vibe for the South Africans thinking wtf is RiteAid). I left the house at least okay? 😛

On another note, tomorrow is a very exciting day 🙂 I’m heading to the city for the day to meet up with someone. This someone’s name is Alberto, and we met in Israel in grade 10 – about 6 years ago! We added each other on Facebook and stayed in contact after all these years. We kept in touch on and off, he lived in Spain and was studying in France, and now he going to be in NYC and New Jersey for a week.

So I am very excited to get to see him again after all these years and get to chat face to face. Life really is crazy, but how awesome 🙂

My train is at 10:38am so my plan for the rest of the night is popcorn, bed and Netflix; because I clearly haven’t watched enough Pretty Little Liars today already.

❤ x

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