My mom left to fly back home this morning. It dawned on me when I was getting ready for work that she wasn’t gonna be home when I came back tonight, which really sucks. Her trip went so quickly but we did so much and had such a fantastic time.

I know most people think they have the best mom in the world, but in my world; my mom couldn’t possibly be better if she tried.

She has always believed in me, when I didn’t believe in myself. She’s pushed me to do my best, but not beat myself up when I am not the best. She’s showed me how life is hard sometimes, but you do get through it.

Even though she usually has an answer to help me, when she doesn’t; she admits it. She admits sometimes she doesn’t have an answer and also doesn’t know what I should do, but she is there every step of the way until I work it out.

My mom taught me how to be a good person; to humans and animals. She taught me how important family is.

She showed me how to be a good mother. She puts us before her every time. She’d walk around barefoot to give me her slops because my boots blistered my feet like crazy this weekend. She’d give me money for savings to travel even though in South Africa every dollar is R13.25.

My mom is there when I need to cry it out, when I’m happy, and when I have no idea what I am.

Trying to think about how amazing my mom is while at work has been close to impossible, because I can’t help but tear up when I think about it all. The list could go on and on forever. She’s been my best friend for 22 years.

My momsy is my hero, and everyday should be mother’s day when you get lucky and have a mom like mine ❤

“A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend.”

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