At first I had a hard time making friends here. Meeting people was easy, becoming friends with people is a different story. What was hard was that I have my friends back home. I have people who care about me and make an effort to be there, but it’s hard to not feel lonely when they’re all on the other side of the world.

I’m a bubbly person who doesn’t have any issues with being outgoing and meeting people. My issues come with having the confidence to put yourself out there, make plans and get to know new people personally.

Part of the problem would be that I would meet people who seemed like they wanted to hang out and spend time together, but would only let me down by bailing last minute, or making plans when they had nothing better to do.

I don’t have a problem if you don’t want to be friends with me, but instead of giving someone false hope and constantly letting them down, just don’t make plans in the first place.

Nevertheless over the months I have learnt that some relationships we have with people are temporary, and some become friendships. I’ve learnt to not let it get to me or take it too personally when people are busy with their own lives, or just don’t want to make the effort for you to be in their lives.

Being here has made me realize who my friends back home really are. I feel truly blessed to have such special friends back home. There are also so many people that I considered myself friends with in South Africa, who I’ve barely been in contact with since I’ve been here, even though I tried to make an effort over the first few months.

It makes me smile to think about the fact that today, right now, at this very moment, I’m happy. Yes I have a ton on my mind constantly making me go crazy, but I had a fantastic weekend. Why? Because I can say I’ve got awesome girl friends here who make an effort and want me to be part of their plans.

No we didn’t go into the city or have some crazy adventure. On Friday after Shabbat Dinner I went out with them, Saturday night we had girls night with games, movies, popcorn and wine, and yesterday we went shopping and got Chipotle for dinner. Nothing crazy, but a fantastic weekend; because they make an effort.

So maybe I don’t have a massive amount of friends here, but I’ve got friends. These girls don’t realize how much of a difference they’ve made to my experience living in America so far, and I appreciate them so much it’s probably annoying 😛

Yes, some weekends I love just chilling out at home having Netflix marathons in bed. And no, I’m not all upset and think no one likes me if I don’t have a lot of plans for a weekend. But after a shitty week at work, having a lovely weekend really does make a Monday morning better ❤

Exciting news for next weekend: Miami with my Robs 🙂 😉

Happy Monday everyone


“Laughter itself may be meaningless,  but it’s effect on the soul is profound”