Prepare for snow in Georgia, I’m actually writing another post already.

Prepare for snow in Georgia, I’m actually writing another post already.

It’s FriYAY! ❤

Today is a wonderful day. It’s only 10:30am but I already feel like I have accomplished something great. This morning I finally put my procrastination and anxiety aside and told myself to just go in and do my permit test. No, I’m not a 15 year old who has never driven before but I did have to get my permit before I could get my license here in the States.

This is something  that I have avoided and made excuses for so long now it actually got ridiculous. I got my license and car back home when I was 18 and I love driving, but I hate tests and having to redo my learners/ permit test here was really stressing me out more than it should have. Weeks kept going by and even though I’d done the online practice tests a gazillion times I was still so worried I’d go in and fail it.

I planned on going this Saturday (like I had planned to go last Saturday and never ended up going) but last night it hit me that I’m the only one being affected by me not just sucking it up and doing it. I’m going to two Halloween parties this weekend so that would have made it even easier to procrastinate again this weekend. So I woke up early, and went to do the test before work without telling anyone.

Luckily it was empty, and even though I could feel my hands shaking I just kept telling myself that if highschool American kids can do this, then I can do this. I know I’m a good driver and all I needed to do was get past this stupid test and I’ll be one step closer to doing my drivers, a car and my independence.

I stressed over getting my permit so unnecessarily. It was ridiculously easy and it was over before I knew it. I couldn’t believe how dumb I had been avoiding doing it for so long. This might not seem like a big deal, but I really feel proud of myself for finally doing the test and getting my permit. It made me realize that I do build things up and stress myself out way more than I need to. I realized I just need to focus on my goals and not let anything get in the way of reaching them; especially myself.

I cannot wait for the day I get my drivers and finally won’t have to constantly rely on uber or my friends. Next weekend I’m moving into an apartment and will finally have my own space. Just being able to leave your toiletries in your bathroom, have your own bed, have your own closet, and just have a room to call your own is something I definitely took for granted.

It has taken me awhile to get settled, but I’m aiming for progress not perfection. ❤


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