Next Week = Me week

Next Week = Me week

Currently making a list of what I want and need to do next week and considering I really haven’t had a ‘me day’ in ages; I’m calling it a ‘me week’. The list includes watching the new episodes of Sherlock, cleaning my room, working out, yoga, writing, trying to edit my Europe footage, etc. Weeks fly by like they are nothing these days and I find myself having these moments sometimes where I really just need to take a step back, focus on myself and the little things I need to do.

Working 9-5 is an awesome schedule as now I have my weekends off. Yet I feel like I’m constantly keeping busy after work and throughout the weekends and not really chilling out without making plans enough. I tend to distract myself from being alone and getting things done (which I’m working on) which leads to the days passing by into weeks, until I have one of these moments again where the little ‘chill out do some yoga and be productive’ light comes on.

Yesterday morning was awful. Everything kept going wrong and my commute to work was such a mission. I felt like it was all out of my control (Ubers and train for transport) and I was frustrated at myself more than anything. I got to work and after getting up to date with my office work, I checked off two things on the list that I’ve needed to do for months: booking my US drivers license test and starting the process of getting my SA Bachelors Degree evaluated. I knew my morning had been so shit that I had to remove the frustration from the situation and turn it into a motivation to have a productive morning, as opposed to letting it make me miserable all day.

I also know that once I’d booked my driving test I would be one step closer to getting a car and having FREEDOM again. I scheduled it for a few weeks in advance to give myself time to actually go for lessons and practice parking on the wrong side of the road. I love driving but there have been tons of other priorities on the list before getting a car would be possible, so now that I’ve vaguely started getting my shit together it seems like a more realistic goal.  Plus, I am very tired of having to explain to Uber drivers twice a day where my “accent” is from, yes I’m really from South Africa, and that I live and work here now.

My soul-friend Sarah has come to visit me in Atlanta this week which has been suuch a treat. Pity that I’ve had to be at work during the day but so lovely making the most of our time together. It’s scary thinking about how we were at Rhodes together from 2012-2014 and it’s been over two years since I graduated and left little Grahamstown. Tons of my best memories from University were shared with Se, and I’m forever grateful we were put in the same res and destined to be soul-friends. ❤

The single downside to her visit has been that my diet and workout routine has gone out the window completely this week!  Started the Kayla Itsines 12 week challenge last Monday and I’ll definitely have to be restarting over after she leaves. Lets just say pasta for dinner on night one, curry on night two, chick-fil-a and dunkin doughnuts night three and who knows what we will ingulf tonight. Nevertheless workouts and healthy eating will commense soon.

So as lovely as it has been having a bestie come stay with me, she unfortunately leaves tomorrow and is heading back to work on a new ship, take amazing photos and travel the world! It has been such a treat to spend time with her again. Yet I am looking forward to coming home and relaxing next week after work, working out, watching Sherlock, drinking tea and being productive. Bring on Me-week!

PS: Special shout out to my Mom who has her birthday tomorrow 😀


Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

I feel like 2016 was a pretty shitty year for the world in general. But to be honest when I look back at 2016 – it was actually an amazing year for me. Yes there were struggles, but overall I really did have an awesome year. Sometimes when you think life is really hard, you need some perspective (getting to go home and visit) to make you appreciate life the way it should be appreciated.

Was it an easy year? Definitely not. But when I look back the nights I slept on mattresses on the floor/ a couch, I appreciate the hell out of my bedroom. When I look back at the hours stuck at work on the weekends, I remember how worth it it all was when I got to travel across Europe with my bestie and meet my family in Amsterdam. When I think about the nights I cried myself to sleep, I think about how far I have come and how much I have to be proud of. When I think about how I came back to Atlanta after my Eurotrip not really having a clue where I was going to be living or what I’d be doing for work, I smile and think about my awesome job and apartment I have now.

Even though I only had two weeks to spend with my family and friends back home in South Africa, I’m grateful I atleast had the opportunity to be with them. Even though the visit was short it was better than still being stuck and not having much to come back to. Also, I’m grateful I atleast have an incredible family across the world that I love unconditionally. So even if I feel alone, I’m never completely on my own.

I’m so beyond grateful that 2016 allowed me to travel the world, spend time with my amazing family, see how grown up my siblings are, learn how to be more independant, work my ass off, achieve my goals, make new friends, appreciate true friendships, learn from my mistakes, focus on my own happiness, be kind and understand that karma is real, and appreciate the little things in life.

Trust that everything happens for a reason. Even the hardest times end up being a lesson at some point and help us be more humble, grateful human beings.

Bring on the 2017 adventures ❤