International Family.

International Family.

So September managed to creep up on us and somehow the summer is over, it’s starting to get colder and there are still so many things I want to do before Autumn/ Fall arrived……. Oh and did I mention my family moved to England? Casual.

It’s hard to put it all into words as it’s an unexplainable feeling. My mom, step-dad and sister Rachel have moved to Cheadle in England to start their new lives among the Brits! The plan has been in motion for years and after a grueling process of getting everything in order, they have their British residency permits, and have finally done the big move! Rachel has a student VISA and is studying at a film school in Leeds which I am so beyond proud of her for. Talk about a college experience!

My mom and Craig have both been working hard and already have jobs. Luckily they have awesome family friends there who own a Deli that they now work with and have helped them get aclamated to Cheadle with love and support. My mom will be working with Jewish Social Services which is something she’s very passionate about and has a ton of experience with, so that is just amazing that it has all worked out so well.

In this short time since they moved (a few weeks!) they have managed to find a house, jobs and a car, and I could not be more proud of them. I know the struggle of having to move across the world but this time was different. I moved my life in suitcases. This time, our house was packed up. This time it was “my home” – and by home I mean my family – actually leaving South Africa to start a new life. It’s such a weird feeling because when I moved I knew I always had a clear image of my HOME back in South Africa. Now I’m getting used to them being in a completely new environment and with a new time zone.

It’s definitely not goodbye. I still have three little siblings, tons of amazing family and friends in SA who I plan on still seeing as frequently as possible and will always be a significant part of my life and who I am. Vacation time split across SA and England will definitely be tough but so worth it. I just need to win the lottery already so I can use my private jet to visit everyone I love around the world (and of course share my millions).

Who knows what the future holds, or where my future will be.  It sucks that I’m still apart from my family and alot of my best friends. Nevertheless I know this experience will be one I will look back on and think “Damn, you did that all by yourself and look how far you’ve come since.”

I’ve now got an (even more) international family, but I know there is a reason we are all where we are right now and one day we’ll all be together. I know so many people that wish they could get away from their parents and family and it makes absolutely no sense to me. Family is so important. Yes some will drive you a little insane but at the end of the day, trust me it is monumentally better than not being able to see them or hug them or all the little things you miss not being in their daily lives.

I guess one of the pros of having an international family is all the travelling. Last year we met up in Amsterdam after my Europe trip and it was absolutely incredible. My mom came to visit me in Atlanta and we went to visit our family in Canada for my birthday, and it was probably the highlight of my entire year. Make the most of every second you get to spend with family and those you love.

I’m so proud of my family for everything they’ve achieved so far, and it’s only the beginning! South Africa will always be home. My roots are just more widely spread out across the world now 😛

Here’s to many happy years in Cheadle my beautiful family ❤