I thought I had heard all the ignorance one person could possibly hear, until I wore this necklace my mom just brought me from home (South Africa). It’s Africa, clearly.

You know Africa, the massive continent in the middle of the map of the world? You know, the six other continents on Earth besides North America?

“Cool necklace. What is it?”

“Is that a dolphin?”

“It must be South Africa!”

No, I am not kidding.

So I thought it would be interesting to ask people throughout the day, ‘What is this?’ while showing my necklace. I probably asked about thirty people and ONE person was like Africa? Everyone else was completely clueless. Not even like ‘hmm, it looks familiar, maybe I’ve seen it around WHILST LOOKING AT A MAP OF THE WORLD.’

This is Africa people. Please stop being so ignorant. Learn about the world, outside of America.

No hate on Americans. I’m just trying to make people aware of their ignorance, so they do go educate themselves about the world we all live in. And if you didn’t know what Africa looked like, now you do 🙂


15 Questions I have genuinely been asked about living in South Africa, with sarcastic responses.

15 Questions I have genuinely been asked about living in South Africa, with sarcastic responses.

1) How are you white?

– I’m albino.

2) There are Jews there?

– No we are all just one religion of impoverished African children.

3) Did you ride zebra?

– Yes how else would we get to each other’s shacks?

4) Did you have giraffe and elephants as pets?

– As well as warthogs, leopard and rock pythons.

5) Have you been attacked by a lion before?

– Yes and I lived to tell the tale.

6) Ah shame, did you not have a house?

– No. I lived in trees. Be jealous.

7) Did you have to get water and food sent to your country?

– Totally.

8) Do you know Charlize Theron?

– Yes we all know Charlize Theron personally.

9) Why do you speak ‘Brittish’?

– The English tutor for my tribe raised me.

10) What country in South Africa?

– No comment.

11) Did you wear animal skins and live in huts?

– Precisely.

12) When did you become ‘Americanized’?

– When I left the tribe in search of water I was rescued.

13) What’s your real name?

– Nthombiqiqiwethathe Mkhize of tribe flower.

14) Did you survive on bugs and wildlife?

– Yes, great source of protein.

15) How did you get to America?

– In a canoe.






Don’t get me wrong, we have our spectacular wildlife, and we do have traditional cultures. But people need to realize the whole of Africa isn’t what you see on the TV ads, with starving African children standing with celebrities asking to donate food and water. Yes, unfortunately a massive part of Africa, and South Africa deals with those hardships everyday. But people really need to educate themselves, and stop being so ignorant.

South Africa has a loooott of issues. But it really is such a magnificent place ❀