Ten things I can say about life right now

Ten things I can say about life right now

1) I just rearranged my room and I am way more excited about it than I should be.  But it’s amazing. It’s very zen, spacious and simply beautiful.  It is perfect! So yeah I’m stoked about that.

2) I’ve always loved gyming/ working out, but recently I’ve become slightly obsessed. Nothing crazy, but seen as I’m not studying anymore (well for now), and I’m working majority of the time,  when I’m not at work all I want to do is workout and then chill in bed.

3) Carrying on with that point, I’ve been doing Kayla Itsines BBG training routine for almost two weeks. It’s a 12 week programme so I cannot wait to see if I can achieve results like so many women who use the guide and have incredible bodies.

I enjoy her workouts. The guide brings structure and good routines. Usually I do whatever body part I feel like doing that day: legs, arms, abs, bum…. This breaks it all down well and keeps me focused. I am motivated and determined to reach my goals!

4) Tomorrow marks the end of my detox skinny herb tea 14 day teatox. I really enjoyed it. Using the morning start and bed time cleanse teas I genuinely feel healthier and more toned.  It increases your metabolism and is great for your kidney, liver, colon, etc… Definitely something I would recommend. I’ve already ordered a 28 day package.

5) Something scary happened to me this weekend that probably won’t even seem like a big deal to a lot of people but it was to me. And seen as you’re actually reading my blog you seem to care for some reason.

I got invited to a house party last weekend so I thought ‘sure why not? MERICA!’. I got picked up by the dudes friend and his girlfriend.  He was too drunk to drive already. Anyways so as we’re driving to the party drugs came into the conversation and he asks if I’d be down to drop acid tonight.  I said definitely not I’m not into drugs.

He tried to convince me how “these weren’t addictive” etc etc. I really didn’t care,  I don’t touch drugs. All they could say after that was “prepare yourself”. I was concerned.

We got to the house party. The front couple of rooms had people mostly drinking, so I assumed people would just be really drunk. We walk around the house to meet everyone and I walked into probably the scariest moment of my life. Everyone in the room were snorting lines of cocaine on their iphones.

Now I know people in South Africa do coke,  but I had never gotten myself into a situation where I’d be in the same room as people doing cocaine. I had never been in a more nerve-racking environment that I had to make an effort to not have a panic attack and seem like a total freak. So I played it cool and asked where the bathroom was so I could leave. That then led to a bunch if coke heads say “BATHROOM” in terrible English accents (Ugh), and a guy literally snorting a line and saying “Welcome to America”. So that scared me.

The next room we got to seemed chilled. There were trippy pictures everywhere but the people seemed okay. Everything was cool for a couple minutes, until someone took out a bag of acid. Someone offered me a free pill (or whatever a ‘thing’ of acid is – I have absolutely no idea). Thanks but no thanks bro. So I left the room seen as pretty much everyone had taken one but me. I don’t know what people on acid are capable of lol.

I just realized I should probably stop now. You see, that’s how great and comfy my new room is. Sitting in my little chill spot. But long story short, drugs are f**king stupid. Don’t do drugs. Yeah I despise them because addiction has severely impacted my life and my family’s life. I know what drugs do to people. I could never be so selfish to put my family through what I’ve been through.

It seems like drugs are seen as so casual in this country and it’s hectic. They shouldn’t be. Whether you do cocaine every couple weekends or every day, it’s a drug you shouldn’t be messing with… You shouldn’t mess with any drug for that matter.

If you’re that bored with your life go to gym instead of using. It’s the better, natural and healthy way of getting those endorphins humans crave.

The rest of the ten things coming soon.