Apple pie, May, New job, Identity theft & Canada

Apple pie, May, New job, Identity theft & Canada

Probably the most random blog post title ever but that pretty much sums up my life right now.

I had apple pie for the first time a couple weeks ago and now I realize why Americans love apple pie so much. Dear g-d it is fantastic. Yum.

I cannot believe it’s May already. I feel like I just got used to the fact that it’s April, and now it’s May. This year really needs to slow down it is freaking me out. It’s crazy how it feels like I just had my 21st, and now I’m almost TWENTY TWO. Wow. I do not feel ready for this all haha

Two days ago I woke up to a notification saying I have less than $50 in my account. Which was strange considering I had literally deposited my check the night before. I freeeaakkkeddd out, checked my transaction history and it turns out that some scumbag had gotten my card details (from an ATM- I still had my card with me) and had stolen close to $300 from my account. I hadn’t even paid all my bills for the month and I was left with basically nothing in my account. So Saturday was an awful morning for me. Eventually I sorted it out with the bank and they blocked my card, but I’m still waiting for the money to be transferred back into my account.

Boo. Not even 5 months in America and someone’s already stolen my identity. So ironic that I come from South Africa, and this happens to me here. There really are screwed up people everywhere in the world.

On a happier note, I get to go to Canada soon! I’m visiting family in Toronto (and hopefully Ottawa). I cannot wait. Not only am I ridiculously excited to see them and spend time with them, but I can’t wait for a little break. A week away from work just sounds like perfection right now.

Life has been pretty crazy in the past couple weeks. I started a new job, so in the process of finishing off shifts at my old work I was training over here. I’m meant to have weekends off with this new job but ended up working all weekend to try make up for the shifts I’ll be missing when I’m in Canada for a week, on top of just having $300 stolen from me. ‘I need the money’ is putting it lightly.

What’s kinda awesome about my new job is that it’s a 25/20 (depending on how lazy I am) minute bike ride to work and back home everyday, so it’s forcing me to get a lot of cardio in each day. Seen as summer is coming that’s a good thing right? I’m slowly getting used to not having my car to depend on, and considering how expensive it is to taxi all the time I’m really enjoying being able to ride my bike. It’s muuuuch quicker than walking, it costs nothing, and it’s healthy!

Still taking each day as it comes and trying to get into a new routine now that I’m working basically 8am-8pm Monday-Friday (with a lunch break don’t worry). I’m excited to have weekends off once I’m back from Canada!

It’s true what they say, “Life happens when you’re busy making other plans”.


I’m bored at work and felt like writing something between clients.

I’m bored at work and felt like writing something between clients.

I wrote out a blog post last night and got too tired before I actually typed it out. I left my note book at home and I felt like writing something now so I’ll have to type it out later after work. Bla here it goes:

I might have to start calling myself Leanne here. It’s my full name but I’ve always just preferred being called Lee. Some of my family calls me Leanne. But I introduce myself as Lee. Now in America, people don’t understand what I’m saying when I say Lee. I don’t know if it’s pronounced differently here but every time introduce myself to anyone I have to repeat my name at least once. And now that I’m sick and sound like an old man, it’s basically impossible for anyone to make out what I’m saying with my ‘accent’. They think I’m saying ‘glee’ most of the time. Then I just spell it for them, “L. E. E” and they’re like “Aleeey”?

So that’s why I’m starting to consider using Leanne. Rose is my middle name and for some reason I really hated it when I was younger. I don’t know why but I just didn’t like it and didn’t tell people my middle name. But now I actually dig it. It’s pretty and different. Plus I’m sorta addicted to anything floral so it kinda works with my personality. For ages I was just ‘Lee, or Lee Murcia’. Now I like my name more; Lee Rose Murcia. Well Leanne Rose Murcia, but I gotta adjust to that first.

I don’t even know what this post is about. It is so incredible random and pointless. But hey I guess it’s just me writing what comes to mind.

Today has been such a beautiful day. It’s around 13C and 55F which is crazy warm compared to how the weather’s been recently. As much as I’m loving the cold weather and snow, seeing how beautiful the sun was today has made me really excited for the summer here. Asbury Park is apparently fantastic in the summer, so I cannot wait! Had a nice jog to work, followed by a 45 minute gym session. Being sick sucks and it’s crazy how it affects your body when you want to work out. My heart rate went up to 175 every time I tried to do a set of reps. So I took it easy, no point going hard and then being sick for longer.

I’m now sitting at work at my part-time job,Tao Massage. There’s a client who is coming out of session soon and will need to be checked out. Been a great day so far. Love starting off my day with a workout.

Happy Monday 🙂 ❤